Monday, November 12, 2018

Synchronicity and the I Ching

This is a podcast of an hour long interview on WKRW radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 30, 2018. The Skrauss interviewed me on his program "Image for Hire" on the subject of synchronicity and the i Ching. Topics covered include:

Synchronicity is a Dimension
Compendium of Chinese Wisdom

Synchronicity, the I Ching and the Theory of Evolution
Number and Archetype
Yin and Yang
Leibnitz and the Binary Code

Rupert Sheldrake's Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
How to Use the I Ching
Time is Not Just Quantity; It also has a Quality

Richard Wilhelm
The Rainmaker Story
Black Elk Speaks
Wolfgang Pauli
Hexagram 42 "Increase"
The Confucian School
Hexagram 23 "Splitting Apart"
Hexagram 24 "The Turning Point"
Donald Trump embodies the  Trickster Archetype
I Ching: Cover Story of the January, 1974 Scientific American

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hermes in the 21st Century

                         Hermes in the 21st Century

Here is a link to an hour long radio interview in Milwaukee where I presented what I consider to be the most significant concept for the 21st century: the gap in the Greek god Hermes staff/wand. With this concept I linked together Hermes as the God of Exchanges and Transitions with:

Jungian Psychology
Near Death Experiences
Alchemical Vessels
Lokota Sioux Initiation Ceremonies
Analytical Psychology in Chinese Culture
Wolfgang Pauli
Rupert Sheldrake's Dogs That Know When Their Owner's Are Coming Home
Cheyenne Medicine Wheel
Secret of the Golden Flower (Chinese Alchemy)


And also on Riverwest radio: