Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Jungian Perspective on The Environmental Crisis -- And What We Can Do About It!” Plus Recent Related Dreams


Journey Conferences -- Moving Toward Wholeness Event, March 6, 2022


The summary that follows is composed of the reflections and words of the March 6 conference leaders about the issues and concrete actions suggested to address urgent climate issues. A link to the recorded event follows the summary. It is the wish of the presenters that the film be used to catalyze dialogue in your own community to come up with additional ideas that might be shared with one another. If this leads you to new actions, we would like to hear about that by emailing Seedsforjubilee@aol.com so we can let others know about them.


We encourage everyone to share the presentation link with all who may be interested in the topic.


Dennis Merritt, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and Ecopsychologist <  EcoJung.com >  

JungianEcopsychology.com > "provided us with an extraordinarily well thought-out response from his own vast research in Ecopsychology with very practical ideas for what we can do, how to think about the issues, and how we can help."  He "outlined ten steps people can take at several levels to address the mounting problems."


Tayria Ward, Ph.D., Jungian Psychologist, < tayriaward.com >, for several years has been mining the collective wisdom of dreams via a monthly Global Dream Symposium. She provided the archetypal container for the conference by considering several recent Big Dreams emphasizing the urgency of the moment and the need for immediate action from everyone on the planet. 


This urgency is further underscored by the immediate context of the conference. Dennis observed that: "The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked the entire world and drawn support for the brave freedom fighters in the breadbasket of Europe. The Ukrainians are pleading for the world to cut off imports of Russia's fossil fuels, payment for which undercuts the severe sanctions and directly feeds the war machine killing their countrymen. The immediacy of the deaths attributable to fossil fuels underscores the existential crisis expressed in the recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change." 


Tayria noted that the report of the panel, based upon thousands of academic studies, warns that 'humanity has a brief and ‘[‘even more rapidly than experts predicted’] 'closing window' to avoid the worst of what has been set in motion. If we don’t change soon humanity and nature may well be overwhelmed and unable to adapt sufficiently enough to prevent catastrophic and irreversible damage.”


Dennis commented: “We owe it to the youth who are frightened by their future on the planet to each find an avenue or avenues to take action. We are all in this together. It is a problem created by our species, and we must come together across all races and nationalities to address environmental problems for our own sake and for the existence of the many species with which we share our beautiful planet”.


In this Journey Conferences session, as Tayria tells us, "We held our hearts together. We looked at Big Dreams that have come with great insight and clarity, with strong messages for all of us." 


The speed with which Ukrainians have united to address their crisis demonstrates that if enough individuals, in a similarly urgent manner, become conscious of the urgent environmental crisis we are facing and care enough, humanity may yet be able to take action before it’s too late. Rather than sitting back and saying, “What can I do, little person that I am, it’s all too big and too much,” the people of Ukraine have shown us a more courageous way: individually and together ask instead, “What can I DO!” Then with resolve do absolutely whatever each can, one-by-one, men, women, grandparents and children alike. We CAN respond to this Environmental Crisis that confronts our planet home -- we really can! 


This Journey event gives very focused and inspiring ideas for anyone who listens. Addressing this important challenge with wisdom and hope has become critically important.  Let's help it reach around the globe itself! 


Here is a link to the event to copy and paste to include in your message to them.